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Representative example: £500 borrowed for 5 months. Total amount repayable is £999.85 in 5 monthly instalments of £198.37. interest charged is £491.85, Interest rate 236.1% pa (variable). Representative 481.6% APR.

What Are
Unsecured Loans?

If you don’t have any collateral for a loan, the best option you have is an unsecured loan. Going for an unsecured loan requires no collateral to be approved. However, interest rates are slightly higher than secured loans. Typical unsecured loans are credit cards, student loans, payday loans, and more. Lenders don’t need to do a credit check but interest rates may depend on your credit standing.

Secure Process

The platform is highly secured and protected. You don’t have to worry about the information you provide. The information provided online passes along a secured channel that ensures data integrity and prevents it from being compromised. It is guaranteed safe and secured.

Paid Into Your Account

The payment goes directly to your account fast and without hassle. In just a few minutes, you’ll get the funds that you need when you need it. You don’t have to visit banks while waiting for hours just to get an approval. It is the most convenient way to borrow funds in case of emergencies.

Credit Problems*

Your credit won't be a hindrance when applying with us. The lender doesn’t do credit checks. It is available to everyone regardless of their credit levels. So if you're hesitant about applying for a loan, don't be. Even with poor or bad credit, you can still borrow the funds you need whenever you need it.



Having no collateral to provide, you are still eligible to apply for an unsecured loan. However, in most cases, borrowers with poor credit history tend to have higher interest rates. The repayment terms can also get a little difficult for them. Still, this is the best option available especially during emergency cases. Unsecured loans are available to borrowers even without any collateral as a security deposit.



Examples of unsecured loans are student loans, credit cards, payday loans, signature loans, small business loans, peer to peer loans, and more. Lending companies cannot seize a borrower’s asset if they even fail to make a payment or miss several payments. However, lenders may take you to court in an event where you can’t fulfill the terms of the loan. Failure to meet the terms could severely affect your credit and may prevent better credit opportunities in the future.

Finding Loans and Get Approved Instantly

Sometimes you need a quick cash loan, be it for a medical emergency, car repair, or anything that’s urgent. But is it possible to get a quick loan?

There are lenders that offer fast turn rates when you’re in a need for a loan. But you need to be vigilant, there are lenders who are just waiting to take advantage of you with over the top rates. So even while in a rush, I suggest you conduct a bit of research, luckily we are here for you.

Options to consider when needing to borrow money fast.

  1. Online Lenders – Online lenders are best known for their lax requirements and fast turnaround. An online application can only take 2-5 minutes, and just as how quickly you filled up and submitted that form, you’ll know whether you got approved or not in under 10 minutes.

Online lenders won’t look at much on your credit history but rather on how well can you repay the loan.

  1. Look for lenders with fast approval rates – A lender will usually take a few business days to review and process your application, but there are lenders who offer quick approvals and payouts. You just need to be ready with your proof of income.

But that kind of approval rate wouldn’t come cheap, your interest rates would be higher, and most will charge you with an origination fee, usually about 1-5% of your loan balance.

  1. Ask friends and family for a loan. – This should be the first option before even approaching organizations and lenders. A family member or a friend is the best kind of lender. You just need to discuss the terms with them properly.

Make sure that all that you’ve discussed is written and is signed by both parties. Just make sure that you repay what you borrowed to avoid any damages that it might cause on your relationships.

  1. Secured Loan – A personal loan is usually an unsecured type of loan, but if you barely qualify for that said loan, you might opt into a different type. A secured loan.

A secured loan is where you offer a collateral in case you miss or default on your payments. A collateral can be something with monetary value, such as, a car, home equity, and etch.

Once you default on the payments, the lenders will have the right to sell the property and sell it to recoup the loss.

  1. Get a cash advance or use a credit card – If you have a credit card, you can use it for your emergency expenses.

Or you can use it to take out a cash advance. How? Take your credit card to a bank, ask for a change advance and they’ll charge your credit card with the amount in exchange for cash in hand.

A cash advance doesn’t come for free though. You are charged a cash advance fee from 3 to 5% on top of your credit card interest rate.

A bad credit score can be a problem when you’re trying to take out a loan. Most lenders would generally be wary of letting you borrow money when they see that your score is low. It is, after all, a combination of your financial behaviour and how you have managed your finances and debts in the past.

How to Deal With Bad Credit

Lenders will usually consider a low credit score t be associated with late or missed payments. Every lender wants to get paid back for whatever amount they are lending. So, it is hardly a surprise when the options available for people with bad credit scores tend to be significantly limited.

While it may be impossible to sign up for a loan in the past when your credit is bad, these days, more lenders are opening their doors even to bad credit borrowers. Specialist lenders are more concerned over the capacity of a borrower to pay back a loan instead of just being fixated on their credit scores. If you need to get a loan fast but your credit is bad, referring to one of these specialist lenders can be a good idea.

Are Short Term Loans Considered Good?

There are short-term loans aimed for bad credit borrowers that are available out there. Usually unsecured, these loans are meant to be used for small, emergency expenses. The ones offered for bad credit borrowers do tend to be more expensive though. Lenders will generally want to find ways to limit the risks they are exposed to when dealing with low credit borrowers. This is why they tend to charge higher borrowing rates.

Payday lenders are known for the quick cash they provide as well. They tend to be more lenient towards low credit borrowers too. They do not require any form of collateral and will usually have very easy eligibility requirements. As long as you can provide proof that you can afford to pay the money you’re borrowing back, your loan request will most likely be granted.